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3 Ways to Make Mom & Her Campers Happy

With summer rapidly emerging, moms are hurriedly cleaning the home, tackling their summer shopping list, and planning for their children's summer camp adventures. Summer camp is a great way for children to spend their summer learning and exploring, while remaining active and engaged throughout the season. For moms, however, camp requires ample planning and preparation, which only adds to their already encumbering to-do list. Fortunately, by implementing a few easy tips, you can simplify the planning process and ensure your children have the best experience possible.

Summer camp provides children with a socially enriching summer experience.

Keep Your Kids Calm

Especially for shy children, summer camp can be a nerve-wracking experience. Many children may feel anxious, homesick, or uncomfortable in their new environment. In these cases, it's important to help build your child's independence and self-confidence in advance, so they'll have an easier time throughout summer. Consider sending your kids to their grandparents for a weekend, or to an overnight sleepover with friends. This will increase their comfort level with living away from home, enabling them to have a more positive camp experience.

Improve Your Organization

Be sure to follow the gear list carefully, so your child isn't struggling to make do.

To guarantee everything runs smoothly, excellent organization is critical. All too frequently, children arrive at summer camp only to realize they left behind an essential piece of equipment. Even more frequently, children return home with missing clothing or camp items. In order for your child to have the best possible experience, being prepared with the necessary gear is essential. Make a detailed packing list and check things off as you go, so you don't skip over vital items in the process.

Additionally, label all of your children's possessions with waterproof labels. This will not only encourage proper organization while packing, but it will minimize the likelihood of your children losing things while away. The Essmak Happy Camper pack has everything you need to label all of your child's gear, including clothing, shoes, sleeping bags, and backpacks, so you can rest assured that expensive new tent will arrive home safely after camp.

Educate Children on Hygiene

One of the primary problems of summer camp is hygiene. With countless children packed into tiny cabins, illness is likely to spread quickly. Children play in the mud all day, and may forget to wash their hands before lunch. By educating and preparing your children in advance, you can minimize their exposure to germs while away. Discuss proper hygiene practices with your children and educate them on the importance of sanitation.

Consider packing extra soap or hand sanitizer to ensure they always have some on hand. Also, by labeling your child's water bottle, you can minimize the risk that they'll mistakenly drink from another child's water, so they'll be less likely to get sick while away.

For both children and parents, summer camp can be as intimidating as it is exciting. By encouraging your children to have sleepovers before sending them to camp, you can acclimate them to living away from home, enabling them to feel calmer and safer while they're away. Also, with Essmak's Happy Camper Pack, you can ensure all of your child's possessions are clearly marked, helping to calm any worries of hygiene or misplaced belongings.

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