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4 Reasons to Use Kids Clothing Labels

Clothing is a costly item among households, particularly given children are rapidly growing and their stylistic preferences are prone to fluctuation. Additionally, the clothing they do have often becomes soiled or torn amid the constant rough play that children routinely engage in. Labeling your child's clothing with washer and dryer safe labels can help to reduce the stress and money involved in shopping and maintaining clothes. Here are just a few of the reasons labels can benefit you and your children.

Moms already spend a lot of time shopping for their kids. Name labels can reduce time spent replacing lost items.

1. Find lost clothing. Depending on age, income bracket, and stylistic preferences, parents often spend between $28 and $78 per month on clothing for their kids. It's frustrating to buy your child a brand new winter jacket, only for them to lose it by week's end. Labeling all of your child's clothing with iron-on labels will enable people to identify who the clothing belongs to and return it to the proper owner, greatly increasing the chances of lost clothing eventually making its way back into your hands. This way, you can reduce time spent shopping and save money on lost items.

2. Reduce mix-ups. In addition to losing clothing, children often mix up their clothing with the clothes of other children. Particularly with young children, it can be difficult to discern their jacket from that of another child when the jackets look similar. For children with school uniforms or sporting uniforms, it's all too easy for the child to confuse their uniform with someone else's, only to return home with the wrong clothing item or missing a clothing item altogether. With iron-on labels, your children will be able to clearly identify their specific clothing articles, even if the clothing appears similar. For children who haven't yet learned to spell their name, the labels come with customizable clip art, so the children can rapidly identify their possessions by the picture on the tag.

3. Eliminate shoe mix-ups in gym class. In gym class, children are often required to remove their footwear during certain activities, which results in a mountain of shoes in the corner of the room. Come time to retrieve their shoes, it can be confusing sifting through the dozens of other pairs, particularly when shoes appear similar in size and design. Shoe labels can be used to eliminate confusion on behalf of the child and make sure they aren't wandering around the rest of the day with only a left shoe. The shoe labels are inserted into the inner sole so they won't rub off while your child plays.

With shoe labels, your children can quickly find their shoes amid the vast pile of footwear.

4. Make your child feel special. In addition to reducing lost or misplaced items, clothing labels provide your children with a sense of uniqueness and personal identity, which is essential for their blossoming self-esteem. All clothing labels are customizable, so your child can have fun picking out different colors and patterns to match their unique personalities.

Name labels for children can help to reduce lost items, eliminate clothing mix-ups, and give your children a sense of individuality. For all of the money that goes into ensuring your children are properly clad, it's frustrating when items become lost or misplaced along the way. By labeling each piece of clothing, you can save both money and time, while increasing your child's organizational abilities. Check out Essmak's clothing labels and school labels and put an end to lost belongings for good.

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