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5 Steps to Making the First Day of School Less Stressful

After a summer of fun and relaxation, preparing to return to school can seem particularly stressful for children and parents alike. There are so many small details to account for, many moms skip over some important tasks and end up sending their children to school underprepared. By planning out everything in advance, you can ensure your children's first day back runs seamlessly, which will reduce their anxiety and make for a successful start to the new school year.

1. Set things out the night before. One of the most common mishaps that occur the first day is sending the children to school underprepared. There are so many needed supplies and belongings, it can be challenging to account for all of them the morning of. Simplify your morning by laying out your children's clothing and lunchbox the evening before, so they can get ready faster and get to school on time. Additionally, be sure their backpack is already packed and ready to go, so they aren't scrambling to track down their supplies at the last moment.

First day of school
By packing the backpack the night before, you can save critical minutes the next morning.

2. Label all of your children's belongings. Children are notorious for misplacing their school supplies, particularly when other children have similar items. By labeling all of your child's supplies with Essmak's school labels, you can provide your children with an easy system of recognizing their belongings. Labels come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, enabling you to label all of their school supplies easily. There are also clothing labels available to ensure their expensive coats and sweaters remain accounted for throughout the year. For children with allergies, allergen labels are available, which will not only help to remind your children, but also alert their teachers of any allergies they have.

3. Wake up a few minutes earlier. Time is of the essence as you and your kids prepare for school, and there is no worse way to start the new school year than being late on your very first day. Children are often lagging after a long break away from school, and the first morning tends to be a slow moving one as a result. Get your child up a few minutes earlier that day to ensure they have ample time to prepare and can make it to the bus stop on time.

4. Mentally prepare your children. Children are often wound up the first day back to school. Once they return to the classroom and see friends and acquaintances they've missed all summer, they become less concerned with school and more concerned with socializing. Mentally prepare your children in advance by explaining your expectations to them and reminding them to behave. That way, they can get on their teacher's good side right from the start.

Mentally preparing your children will enable them to have an easier, more successful first day.

5. Ensure you've completed all necessary paperwork. Children are usually expected to arrive with a stack of paperwork detailing student information, and even vaccination records. Be sure to have all required paperwork filled out and placed in your child's backpack the evening before to ensure you don't forget. For younger children, consider walking your child into the classroom that day and handing in the forms yourself to make sure they don't become lost or damaged along the way.

Entering into a new grade can be both exciting and stressful for children. By ensuring they are highly prepared in advance, you can greatly mitigate the stress and anxiety they feel the first day of school. By having all of their supplies packed the night before and clearly labeled with their name, you can eliminate a lot of the potential problems that arise. In addition to physical preparation, mentally preparing your children will enable them to stay calmer and remain focused throughout their first day back. Check out Essmak's Back to School labels, so you can reduce lost items and encourage proper organization.

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