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5 Ways to Make Summer Fun and Educational

With summer just around the corner, children are eagerly awaiting the release from school when they can finally escape the confines of the classroom and play outdoors with their friends. In addition to providing a needed energy release, playtime can also serve as a vital learning opportunity where children can enhance their understanding of the world at large. There are a variety of fun ways to subtly integrate education into your child's favorite activities, so they can prepare for the coming school year while having fun with friends.

1. Visit Animals- Improve your child's understanding of wildlife by taking them to the zoo. There, your child can interact with a range of exotic wildlife, while becoming educated on the geographical origins, natural habitats, dietary habits, and social practices of the animals. Consider taking your child to volunteer at the local humane society. This is an engaging and interactive way to teach children how to care for animals, while instilling core values like empathy, responsibility, and work ethic.


The zoo is a great place to teach your child about
diverse wildlife, while educating them on geography simultaneously.


2. Get Outdoors- By taking your children hiking and camping, you can teach them about their natural surroundings in a way that caters to their interests. Hiking is a great opportunity to enhance their comprehension of geology by teaching them about local rock formations and the processes involved in the formation of mountains and canyons. You can also teach them about native flora and fauna that inhabit the region. Consider incorporating a game into the hike to boost their understanding. Encourage your child to collect unique rocks throughout the hike and have them guess which of the three basic categories they belong to.


3. Go to Museums- Take children to the museum to learn about history, geology, and science. Children's museums incorporate interactive activities and games that help kids to advance their knowledge in a fun and engaging manner.


4. Do Experiments- Science experiments are a fun way to engage your child while educating them on core scientific concepts. Science has a tendency to induce wonder and amazement in children, making them eager to learn and absorb information. Teach your child about density by placing an egg in a bowl of water. In plain water, the egg will sink to the bottom, but when enough salt is mixed in, the egg floats. This is because, in order for the egg to float, the density of the water needs to exceed the density of the egg.


Science experiments allow your child to engage their
imagination, while learning basic physics and chemistry.


5. Prepare Food- Cooking is a great way to engage you child's imagination while teaching a vital skill. Pick your child's favorite food, so they will eagerly involve themselves in the process. Cooking is an excellent way to teach your child about measurements and to solidify their understanding of adding and subtracting fractions.


Children love to learn, and summer break provides parents the opportunity to integrate learning into playtime. Through a variety of imaginative activities, you can help prepare your kids for the coming curriculum, while providing them with an action-packed summer they'll love.


Whether you plan activities at home or at other places, be sure to plan ahead. Take the time to learn what supplies may be needed so you can have them gathered and ready. To prevent your child's belongings from getting misplaced this summer, use waterproof labels for easy identification. Educational fun is a great way to keep your kids busy this summer!

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