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5 Ways to Teach Your Child About Organization

The ability to organize situations, tasks, or environments is a life skill that will benefit your child regardless of the path he or she takes in life. While some children are more naturally geared toward organizational skills, these skills require practice to become most useful and beneficial.


Teach your child about organization Learning to organize benefits all aspects of your child's development.


Starting from the time your child is a toddler you can help him or her learn about organizational skills. After all, something as simple as putting toys away is an organizational skill. Following are 5 ways you can teach your child about organization.


1. Be a Good Role Model for Organizational Skills

You don't have to be a perfectionist, but you should demonstrate organizational skills in your daily life. There are countless ways to do this, from making shopping lists to keeping a dry erase calendar in the kitchen to always putting tools back in the toolbox. When your children see you demonstrating good organizing skills, they naturally think of those skills as part of daily life. Planning and clean-up become part of cooking, and checking the family calendar becomes part of the daily routine.


2. Establish Morning and Evening Routines

Households with children can be unpredictable, but amid the unpredictability it's possible to establish basic routines that can help ground you and your children. Morning routines may involve making the bed, getting dressed, having breakfast, and ensuring all school supplies and assignments are in hand. Your evening routine may involve making sure homework assignments are put into the right folders, checking off an assignment list, an evening snack, and teeth-brushing before bed. Routines don't have to be rigid, but they should be predictable.


3. Use Storage Containers Labeled With Words and / or Pictures

If your child isn't reading yet, you can provide, for example, a storage container labeled with the word "socks" and a picture of socks to make it obvious what goes there. If you have multiple children, personalized clothing labels for each child makes it easy for children to identify which clean laundry items belong to them so they can put them away. Labeling other items can also be helpful in teaching kids about organization. For instance, personalized name labels can be used to label coat hooks in the mudroom, or for labeling toy boxes so everyone's belongings end up in the right place.


Teach your child about organization Personalized labels are extremely handy in households with more than one child.


4. Teach Children to Help With Lists

Once your child can read and write, he or she can help with "to-do" lists and shopping lists. You can even teach him or her to organize lists by category, such as fresh produce, dairy products, and frozen foods. If your child participates in your weekly shopping, he or she can mark items off the list when you have put them in the basket. This can not only improve reading skills, but help your child develop the organizational skill of not forgetting to do things. And completed lists impart a feeling of accomplishment that rewards organizational activities.


5. Teach Older Children to Use a Planner

Older children can learn to use a day planner for school and other activities. He or she can select a planner with an appealing design and can even use personalized labels to make it unique. Teaching your child to use a planner demonstrates that you consider his or her time to be valuable, and helps you maintain a more complete and accurate family calendar, so the rest of the family benefits as well. Furthermore, once your child reaches adulthood, the ability to plan and schedule will be extremely valuable in higher education and as an independent adult.



Organization rests on a foundation of understanding that objects have their place, and activities have a right time. Labels can be helpful in teaching your child to identify his or her belongings. Personalized name labels can be used for school and extracurricular supplies and customized labels be added to clothing and shoes. This is an easy way to help your child learn responsibility and prevent items from being lost. For an exciting variety of personalized clothing labels and other personalized labels, Essmak is ready to help. We offer a variety of high quality, beautifully designed labels that can instantly boost your and your children's organizational skills.


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