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7 Tricks to Ensure Your Kids Don't Become Couch Potatoes This Summer

While technology has revolutionized education systems worldwide, it has also paved the way to laziness and poor social skills among youth. Many parents fear their children are too dependent on technology and aren't getting the exercise and socialization they need. Studies indicate that children are more sedentary now than at any point in history, and this can cause a number of health and psychological problems if it persists. This summer, motivate your children to surrender the remote control in pursuit of more enriching and productive hobbies.


Kids that stay active tend to be healthier and happier.


1. Get a pass to your local recreation center. Recreation centers provide countless activities to youth and adults, so you can encourage your entire family to become healthier. They offer a variety of traditional sports and activities, as well as art and cooking classes to spark the imagination of kids.


2. Put time limits on technology. For children who just can't resist the draw of technology, it may be wise to set a time limit for them to adhere to. Once they have used up their allotted television slot for the day, encourage them to pick up a book or go outside and play.


3. Set a daily routine. Children do better if they have a set routine. Children without structure are more likely to snack, sleep in, and waste the day away in front of the television. By providing a daily routine, with structured mealtimes and scheduled activities, you can teach your child time management skills while encouraging them to be more productive.


4. Enroll your kids in day camp or group sports. The best way to keep a child active is by providing scheduled daily activities. By enrolling your child in day camp and team sports, you can habituate activity into their daily routine, which will create lifelong habits of productivity. With kids name labels, you can ensure your child will remain accountable for belongings throughout all of their summer adventures.


5. Start a garden. A garden is a great way to get your child outdoors, while teaching them about nature. Children love nothing more than playing in the dirt and getting as muddy as feasibly possible, and there is no better way to apply that passion than through the peaceful art of gardening.


Children love to get muddy, and gardening
is a way to encourage productivity in the process.


6. Do a home improvement project this summer. Children love to learn and help out their parents. By involving them in a home improvement project, you can engage their curious minds, while teaching them a new skill set. Teach your children how to remain clean and organized by reorganizing their bedrooms with colorful labels. By allowing your children to help design the labels, you can encourage creativity while teaching responsibility.


7. Encourage reading. Reading can spark a child's imagination much more than television or video games. If your child doesn't enjoy reading, consider offering rewards as an incentive. Tell your child if they read a certain number of books by summer's end, you'll buy them that toy they keep begging for.


With the mindless escape that technology provides, it's too easy for children to get sucked into the digital universe and abandon the hobbies they love. By encouraging your children to remain active, you can better prepare them for the future by teaching them about time management, productivity, social skills, and healthy living. With the help of Essmak labels, your children can remain organized throughout all of summer, so they can spend less time cleaning and more time playing outdoors.

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