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Avoid Confusion & Minimize Losses: Label Your Kids' Camp Gear

Summer camp provides parents with a much-needed break, while providing their children with an enriching and educational summer excursion. Preparing for camp, however, entails ample preparation to ensure the children have a safe and enjoyable summer away. Somewhere amid the chaos of camp, youngsters have a tendency to lose many of the possessions they arrive with, which can impact the quality of their experience and leave them feeling underprepared. Parents can mitigate these occurrences by encouraging better organizational habits in their children.

Packing for camp can seem daunting, but waterproof labels can help simplify the process.

Simplify the Packing Process

In order for your child to remain organized at camp, you need to ensure he's organized before he even steps out the door. Start by making a list of all of the possessions he'll need while he's away. This can help to facilitate the packing process so nothing is left behind. With Essmak's Happy Camper waterproof labels, you can label all of his gear and clothing without worrying about the labels washing off amid the mud and rain.

Confusion at Camp

With children living in such close quarters, it's easy for them to misplace their belongings among others.

Once you have your children's duffel bags in order, the next task is ensuring your children remain in control of their possessions while at camp. Young children are just beginning to learn organizational skills and it can be challenging for them to manage their belongings by themselves. Send your children with a laminated list of their valuables and a dry erase marker. Pick a time each week that the child can go through their belongings and account for what they have. This will encourage them to remain accountable for their possessions while away, and alert them more quickly when an item has been misplaced.

Given you are likely abiding by the same shopping list as all the other kids at camp, it's likely your child has several items that are identical to the possessions of other kids. This can create confusion among children over which item is theirs. With all of their gear clearly labeled, they can easily identify their possessions and eliminate any confusion.

Essmak labels are customizable and offer a variety of colors and clipart to choose from. For children who are still young and have difficulty reading their name, the clipart will allow them to identify their belongings easily. In addition to minimizing the risk of lost items, labeling gear can help your child to stay healthy and happy by minimizing their risk of drinking from another child's water.

With hundreds of children running rampant at camp, it's easy for children to misplace their belongings or get them mixed in with the gear of other children. By ensuring your children are fully prepared and all of their possessions are clearly marked, they can have an easy and stress-free time at camp, while mastering their organizational skills as well. Check out Essmak's Happy Camper pack, and simplify your child's summer adventures.

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