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Name Labels for Kids Are a Lifesaver for a Busy Mom

If your kids are like mine, they are always on the go. Play dates, school, errands with me, and sports that I didn't even know existed until now. When they go to these places, they like to take half of what they own with them, and often things end up lost. Even at home, a refrain of, "No, that's mine," can be heard among siblings. It's time to solve that problem once and for all with name labels for kids.

Thank goodness I've started using name labels for kids so I can stop messy arguments, find lost favorites, and identify items that my child has left behind. Take, for example, the playdate. My son insists on taking along his favorite toy, the one he absolutely cannot live without. It's his most prized possession and was also "Toy of the Year" last year, so there are millions of children loving this exact toy... including the friend he is going to visit. As the kids play, toys are put down, picked up, mislaid, and found again. When it's time to come home, only one of the prized toys can be found and an all-out tug of war erupts over whether it belongs to him or to her. With name labels for kids, a quick check will identify whether the toy is leaving with you or a great search party must be deployed to find where the labeled toy has hidden itself (because nobody put it anywhere).

Even at home, we hear arguments about possession being nine-tenths of the law or some ridiculous reason that a particular item absolutely MUST belong to my oldest son. By using labels, I can settle the case out of kid-court. The name of the toy or coat or shirt immediately proves ownership and my home is quiet for the next five minutes or so. 

Based on my fast-moving devil-may-care kids, there are probably no children who haven't left something at school. A coat, boots, a sneaker (yes, just one because it's preschool and they have to change from boots to shoes and back again), or an absolutely vital folder that's only identifying feature is that it is purple. Now the item's owner is quickly identified by the name label for kids, firmly adhered to it. It is returned quickly and easily rather than relegated to the depths of the Lost and Found items that never find their way home. That box is extremely full of unlabeled belongings that will be dumped or donated at years' end. It's sad how easily that could be avoided.

Name labels for kids can solve ownership issues, find lost belongings, and generally make life easier for a busy mom. How does anyone get along without them? I don't really want to know, as long as my kids' stuff is clearly labeled. Wouldn't you like to be free of that worry?

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