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School Labels Help With Planning Ahead for Back to School

There is a lot that goes into planning for the summer school year, with parents spending on average $634.78 each year on school supplies. This number is likely inflated due to the number of possessions kids often lose while at school. Children become so focused on schoolwork that many have difficulty keeping track of their supplies simultaneously. By labeling all of your child's possessions, you can minimize lost items, teach children how to be responsible with their possessions, and spend less time shopping for the following school year.

Labeling school supplies will improve your child's organization and result in fewer misplaced possessions.

Why School Labels are Important

There are countless possessions that need to be purchased for school, including new clothes, jackets, backpacks, books, lunch boxes, and pencils. These costs add up quickly. Young children are notorious for misplacing their things, resulting in many parents shopping for replacement supplies throughout the school year. Considering many other children at school likely have the same brand of calculator or same colored notebook, it's easy for children to mistake their supplies for another child's. This increases school year stress and results in parents and children rummaging through the lost and found. By spending a few minutes labeling all of your child's clothing and school supplies, you can help her keep track of her things more easily, significantly reducing your own stress in the process.

What Are the Labels Used For?

Essmak's Back to School pack comes equipped with a multitude of labels to cover all of your child's school supplies. Included in the package are:

• Large name labels to go on notebooks, lunch boxes, schoolbooks, folders, and backpacks.
• Small name labels to go on pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, and scissors.
• Shoe labels, so they don't misplace their sneakers during gym class.
• Iron-on labels for clothing and outerwear.

All of the name labels are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe, so you can wash them as often as needed without them peeling or washing away. The clothing labels can easily withstand the washer and dryer and have proven to hold up against rough wear and tear.

With name labels, you can spend less time at the lost and found trying to reclaim lost items.

How Do the Labels Help?

With so many children having similar possessions, it's easy for things to get mixed up. School labels help your children to easily identify their possessions, so they can easily pick them out among the rest. In the event a possession is lost, it's more likely to be returned, since your child's name is clearly branded on the item. Additionally, the labels come in fun designs and colors, enabling your child to pick out a pattern that fits their distinct personality.

Preparing for the coming school year is an exhausting ordeal. With parents sinking hundreds of dollars into school supplies every year, it can grow tiresome to have your children constantly misplacing their belongings. By labeling your child's possessions, you'll not only save money in lost items, you can teach your child about autonomy and personal responsibility as well. Visit Essmak today, and explore the vast selection of school supply labels available.

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