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The Stress-Free Way to Send Your Kids to Camp

It would be hard to find a mom who could wave her kids off to camp without any feelings of anxiety at all. After all, worrying comes naturally to a mother and is part of her nurturing instinct.  Still, there are plenty of ways to ensure that when the moment comes to say goodbye, the feeling of letting go isn’t quite so bad after all.

 First off, it’s healthy to remind yourself of all the good things your child will get out of going to camp. For this, check out Essmak’s blog post on the subject. Being aware just how beneficial the experience will be is certain to help push many of your reservations to the back of your mind.

Once you’re convinced that a camp trip is a positive thing for your child, here’s a few handy tips on how to further reduce the stress for you as a mom in the days leading up to the event.

 1- Don’t discuss any of your worries in front of the kids and be careful not to give off any signs of anxiety in front of them. Kids are highly perceptive and your stress can impact them negatively and create tension around what should be an exciting adventure.

 2- Do talk about the upcoming camp experience with your child. This can help your little one to air any fears they may have and for you to help overcome them. It will also help you bond over what is about to become a valuable experience.

 3- Encourage your child to embrace the responsibility and independence that going to camp will bring. This will include making them aware of every item that they will be taking with them, and the need to bring them safely back home. Packing their camp kit with them is the perfect way to achieve this.

 4- Make everything that bit easier by applying name labels to every piece of kit. Essmak’s Happy Camper pack of labels is designed specifically for sending young ones off to camp. The personalized variety pack contains a wide range of labels that can go with everything from shoes to sleeping bags, and clothes to water bottles. Your kids will love the colorful designs and seeing their name on everything, helping to add to that great feeling of excitement ahead of the big day of departure. You can even get them to apply the stick-on labels themselves, building on the sense of responsibility and pride that going to camp is sure to bring.

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