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Top Considerations When Getting Your Kids Ready For Summer Camp

Summer camp is exciting for both kids and parents. It's something totally different from school, from summer vacation at home, and from the family vacation, and can help children make tremendous strides toward learning responsibility and autonomy. And face it: a quiet home for a couple of weeks can be a treat for parents.


Summer camp A positive camp experience builds confidence and new friendships.


A successful summer camp experience begins with research and preparation. It's also important that you're confident your child is ready, particularly for sleep-away camp. If he or she is not quite there yet, you still have many options for day camp that can build preparation for traditional summer camp next year.


How to Know Your Child Is Ready for Camp

Keep in mind that just because one child was ready for sleep-away camp at age 8, a sibling may not be. How does your child do at sleepovers at friends' homes? Do sleepovers with grandparents generally go well? Your child should be proficient at daily activities like bathing and grooming, and should be able to read his or her daily camp schedule. If your child is clingy in new situations, or is very particular about foods or routines, speak with the camp director, or a counselor who works with your child's age group about whether it's something kids generally put behind them quickly, or whether perhaps it's better to wait a year.


Involve Your Child in Preparation Activities for Camp

Your child should be involved in camp preparation. This includes filling out the numerous forms that are required, reading the camp rules and handbooks, looking over packing lists, and planning what and how to pack to get ready. Resist the urge to buy all new clothes for camp, because camp isn't always kind to clothing. If the camp offers souvenirs, you may spring for one or two if they're within your budget, but don't feel like you have to outfit your child with every camp-themed product. Look over the camp's website with your child, and try to share a sense of adventure and excitement over learning new skills and making new friendships.


Prepare for Some Degree of Homesickness, Especially for First Timers


Summer camp Most kids experience homesickness at camp, and most get over it very quickly.


Homesickness affects the vast majority of campers, particularly during the first couple of days. It's to be expected, and typical homesickness is nothing to be alarmed about. Often, by the time you receive that first letter from camp expressing homesickness, your child has moved on and is fine. Counselors know all about homesickness, what's normal, and what's not. If you're really worried, speak with a camp director for a neutral perspective.


Severe homesickness, that causes a child to stop eating or sleeping is very rare. Assuming your child experiences the typical homesickness, working through it will be a big step and an accomplishment to be proud of.


Getting all the Gear Ready for Camp

Camp may be your child's first experience with keeping up with his or her belongings long term, so be prepared. Put waterproof labels on everything that can be labeled. You can help your child pick out waterproof labels in a fun design to make his or her possessions easy to spot. Make a packing list as you pack, and send a copy with your child. That way when it's time to come home, he or she can go through the list and avoid forgetting anything. And if all your child's gear is marked with waterproof labels, anything left behind will be easier to return to you. Any waterproof labels left over after camp can be used on our child's school items once school starts again.



Your child's first experience with summer camp is a rite of passage for both your child and for you as a parent. Children can gain tremendous independence and confidence from a successful camp experience, and you can be proud of the skills your children develop while they're at camp. In all the excitement that surrounds preparing for camp, don't forget to clearly label all your child's belongings with waterproof labels like those we offer at Essmak. Personalized and available in a range of styles, our labels help make it easy for your child to keep up with everything and have the best summer ever.



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