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Top Reasons Modern Parents Say Summer Camp Is a Good Idea

Given the hectic lives of modern-day parents, summer camp can seem like a well-deserved release. But don't feel guilty shipping the kiddos to camp this summer. Summer camp is as enriching for children as it is restorative for parents. It gives children the opportunity to remain active, ignite their adventurous spirit, and make lasting friendships.

Getting children ready for summer camp may seem like a daunting ordeal in itself, but the Essmak Happy Camper Pack can simplify the packing process. With improved organization and clearly marked possessions, you can confidently send your kids to camp knowing they'll be well prepared. Here are a few of the benefits your children will receive from summer camp.

Summer camp teaches kids about teamwork and friendship.

1. It will keep your children active. In our technology-fueled generation, it's easy for children to neglect the outdoors and absorb themselves in a world of digital entertainment. Unfortunately, with the onset of Wii Sports and Guitar Hero, even the enriching activities are being replaced by simulated counterparts. By sending your kids to camp, they'll be encouraged to participate in wide range of sports, keeping them perpetually engaged in constructive hobbies.

2. It will keep your children learning. Summer camp incorporates education into playtime and sports, enabling your child to continue to learn, even after school is out. You can start the learning process before summer camp even begins by letting your child help to pick out and design waterproof labels for their gear. By engaging them in the process, you'll teach them self-reliance and personal responsibility, which will help to prepare them for their summer away.

3. Your child will gain more independence. Being away from the comforts of home will encourage your child to establish their independence, make their own decisions, and assume more autonomy over their life. By labeling their gear with waterproof labels, you will not only ensure they don't misplace their belongings, but you can also encourage your children to be more accountable for their possessions.

4. Your child will enhance their social skills. Especially for shy kids, summer camp is a great way to help them make friends, form lifelong memories, and enhance their social skills. At camp, kids learn about teamwork, camaraderie, and how to get along with others, which are indispensable skill sets they'll carry into adulthood.
5. They'll get away from technology. While technology certainly has its advantages, it can lead to lethargy and poor social skills as well. At camp, children will have the opportunity to unplug from the digital universe and fully immerse themselves in the world at large. This will enable them to enhance their creativity, as they learn to explore and play with other children.

6. They'll become more self-confident. Between the independence they gain and the friends they make, summer camp can help your children develop a new-found confidence in their abilities. Summer camp allows children to escape the competitive world of school, team sports, and sibling rivalries, and instead participate in laid-back, non-competitive activities with friends. Essmak waterproof labels will further boost their self-esteem by making your children feel special. With the customizable colors and clip art, your child can choose designs that express their unique personality.

7. They'll reconnect with nature. Particularly for city dwellers, many children grow up detached from the natural world. Summer camp will provide them the opportunity to rediscover nature, learn about plants and animals, and develop respect and awareness of the environment.

Summer camp will give your children a new appreciation of nature.

Camp is a great way to ensure your children stay active throughout summer, while learning a variety of skills they'll utilize for the rest of their lives. They'll enhance their social skills, make new friends, connect with the natural world, and engage in new and exciting activities.

Before camp, take your kids shopping for some new gear and add Happy Camper Essmak labels to everything from shoes and clothing to water bottles, sleeping bags and backpacks. The labels make your child's belongings easy to identify and will help ensure the items won't get lost or left behind when camp is over.

Besides being good for kids, camp has the added perk of offering busy parents a few weeks of some much needed alone time. Give your children a summer they'll remember for the rest of their lives by sending them to camp with their friends.

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