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What's On Your To Do List This Summer?

With summer already upon us, the children are anxiously awaiting the ring of the final bell, signaling their three months of freedom and exploration. For moms, summer break is an exciting time as well, as it provides more opportunities to spend time with the children, take a much-needed vacation, and relax beneath the hot summer sun. Here are a few ideas to ensure summer break is as rejuvenating for you as it is for your kids.

1. Send the kids to summer camp, and take yourself on vacation. Summer camp is a great opportunity for children to interact with their peers, while learning new skills. It also provides busy moms with the opportunity to sneak off on vacations of their own. Send the kids to camp for three weeks and treat yourself to some time at the beach. Prior to sending your kids to camp, ensure you clearly label all of their clothing and gear with waterproof labels, so they don't misplace their belongings while they're away.

Sending your kids to camp will provide you and your spouse the opportunity to take your dream vacation

2. Drop the children at daycare, and spend a day at the spa. Children love daycare. It's a great way to keep them away from the television, and instead encourage educational and imaginative play with their friends. Meanwhile, it frees up your day for shopping, errands, and even a day at the spa. By taking some time to fully unwind this summer, you'll have more energy leftover to spend with the children each evening. For children with allergies, waterproof labels will allow you to label their food items and lunchbox and remind daycare staff to be watchful of what your child consumes.

3. Take the kids on a lunchtime picnic. Spend a sunny afternoon at the park where you can watch your children play, while engaging in a relaxing afternoon picnic with your kids and other moms. Be sure to label all of your Tupperware prior to leaving, so your children don't get their lunch items confused with other children's.

4. Take the family camping. Spend a weekend camping in the deep wilderness with your children. This is a great opportunity for family bonding, as well as a superb opportunity to enhance your children's appreciation of nature. By cultivating a passion for nature and sports at a young age, you can make healthy living a lifelong habit.

Camping inspires children to appreciate nature, while remaining healthy and active.

5. Start preparing for school right away. After all of the fun, it can be difficult to acclimate to the real world. While back-to-school shopping isn't the most pleasant of endeavors, it's easier if you space it out over the course of a summer. By labeling all of your child's school supplies and lunchbox, you can reduce the number of items lost throughout the year, and reduce the hassle of future shopping excursions.

Summer provides a needed break for both children and their mothers. Labeling all of your child's belongings can allow you to make the most of your summer vacation by reducing both the time and money spent on replacing lost items. This will free up your time to devote to the things that matter most in life, like interacting with your children and relaxing by the pool. With Essmak's Happy Camper pack, you can label all of your child's camping gear easily and efficiently.

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