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What’s The Secret of Why Camp Is So Special For Kids?

The benefits, at least to parents, of sending kids off to camp can seem obvious, and include the chance to spend some quality time as a couple once again. Yet, still there’s always room for parents to wonder if they’re really doing the right thing in waving goodbye to their kids and leaving them in the care of others. Experts agree, though, that going to camp can be a highly valuable experience for children, giving them not only lifelong memories but plenty of skills and fun along the way.

So what’s in it for kids?

They get to spend their days being physically active in the fresh air. Just imagine how important that is to today’s generation that tends to want to spend time mostly indoors on their phones and laptops. Going away to camp forces them to leave their tech behind and embrace an imminently healthier lifestyle.

They get to reconnect with nature, or possibly experience nature up close for the first time. Sadly, kids today are less aware of the natural world around them and more familiar with the virtual world of the internet. Camp can give them an entirely new perspective on life and a deeply-rooted respect for the environment.

They get to develop their character. At camp kids will find themselves engaged in group activities with their peers and interacting with adults, all without parental supervision. The experience will strengthen their social skills, increase their confidence, and teamwork abilities.

They get to learn new things. Camp provides plenty of opportunity to take part in new activities as well as helping out with chores. This might include learning how to build a campfire, how to navigate on a hike using a map, rock climbing, or simply doing the dishes, but whatever it is, your child will be adding a new skill-set that will help them on their way in life.

They get to feel a sense of community. Being at camp can bring a real sense of belonging to children, as they feel a valued member of a group. Chants and team songs are just part of the fun spirit that helps to build a sense of camaraderie, while activities will make each child feel relevant and engaged in an experience with purpose. It’s a great way to give kids a sense of feeling rooted in something meaningful in their lives, and a powerful memory that they will surely carry away with them for life.

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