Delivery Information

What are the shipping costs?

Your Essmak order will make its way to you via Skynet, a courier service that provides tracking at the following fixed prices:

  • Lebanon: 3USD
  • UAE: 5USD
  • Rest of the world: 10USD

How long will delivery take?

Essmak’s printing process takes a maximum of three working days. after which your exclusive order will be shipped to your delivery address. Please refer to the following for an indication of delivery estimates after your order leaves Essmak and begins its journey to you: All countries: 7-10 working days


Can I order one pack for more than one name?

Each product can be ordered for one name only, however we recommend if you require more than one name to order small quantities of each type of label or if you are looking to share between family members that you have just the family name printed on the labels.

My child’s name doesn’t fit on the labels, what can I do?

There is a limit to the number of characters allowed when filling out your order online. However, we aim to please and if you child’s name is longer than the total number of characters, our Print Team will be happy to take care of your request. Simply place your order with your child’s first initial and last name, then email us at info@essmak.com including your order number and the full name you would like printed on your labels, and leave it with us to do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Are your products guaranteed?

Essmak products are guaranteed for a period of 3 months. During this time if you find your product to be faulty, we will replace or repair it at our discretion.

What advice do you have for name label application?

Essmak labels should only be applied by an adult. To begin with make sure the surface you want to apply the label on is smooth, clean and dry. Apply the label and smooth out any air pockets if it is a stick-on label. Wait 48 hours after application before you expose the label to water.

Can the name labels be removed?

Removal is simple – lift one corner of the label and peel off. However, if the label has been in place a while, you may need to use some rubbing alcohol or vegetable oil to help ease it off.

Is it safe to sanitize my baby bottles with Essmak labels on them?

Yes, Essmak labels can be used with bottle sanitizers, bottle warmers, sterilization by boiling and dishwashers. Our labels are conducive to temperatures between -60 ºF and 225 ºF.

Order Information

Do I need to set up an account?

We want you to have the greatest shopping experience possible, and setting up an account is not only easy but automatically saves your order information (useful for future reordering) and any updates on its dispatch.

Help! The “Add to Cart” button isn’t working.

This means that you have information that still needs to be entered – check for any error message indicating that you still have options that need selecting and click the Add to Cart button again. Also remember to click the box next to "I've reviewed my choices."

Is it safe for me to pay with my credit card online?

Essmak’s online transactions are entrusted to Bank Audi, which guarantees the secure payment of your order. Furthermore, only your credit card organization has access to your bank details during the transaction.

Can I change my order?

At Essmak we aim to please so much that our production starts the moment your order is placed online. For this reason we are unable to change the order once the transaction has been made, so please take a moment to check through your order before clicking to checkout.

Where do I enter a gift code?

You will find a Gift Card code box in the shopping cart. If you have a gift card, enter your code in this box and click Apply for the amount to be deducted from or applied to your order. Alternatively you can apply your Gift Card code by speaking to one of our Customer Service team members on +961 04 545 454  during our hours of operation from 9am to 5pm.

How can I pay for my order?

For delivery in Lebanon: We accept online payments with MasterCard and Visa, or cash on delivery.
For delivery outside Lebanon: We accept online payments with MasterCard and Visa

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