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  • 21 Cool Gift Ideas For Christmas

    11/17/2016 8:00:00 AM

    Finding the coolest gifts and best toys for Christmas can be quite a task. We’ve compiled this list that will make that task a bit easier this year!  read more

  • Bibbity Bobbity Boo!: DIY Monster Treat Bag

    10/19/2016 8:00:00 AM

    Trick-or-treaters and Halloween party guests will be in for a sweet surprise when candy is presented in these spooky Halloween treat bags.  read more

  • 13 Tips To Master The Lunch Box Game


    Back to school means back to school lunches. Sending your children off to school with a tasty and healthy lunchbox is often easier said than done – so here are 13 tips for school lunches that will put you on top of the game.   read more

  • 5 Money-Saving Tips for Christmas


    Christmas is a wonderful time of year, filled with joy, love and celebration. There are many things that make the Christmas season so enjoyable, from buying gifts for loved ones to spending time with family and enjoying holiday traditions. But, with all the activities we want to enjoy during the holiday season, it can get a bit pricey. Here are some helpful tips for enjoying Christmas without breaking the bank.  read more

  • Make Packing for Home Easier and Avoid Worries About What Your Kids Will Leave Behind


    With summer in full swing, many children are eagerly packing their bags to escape for a little time away from home. While some children will be visiting their grandparents out of state, others will be adventuring at camp or relaxing by the beachside with their families. No matter your children's summer plans, the best way to ensure they have a fun, relaxing, and educational trip is by preparing them well in advance.  read more

  • Tips & Tricks to End Worries About Your Kids When They're Away From Home


    While many children are preparing for their summers away at camp, nervous mothers are riddled with concerns over the innumerable things that could go wrong while their child is gone. With the risk of injuries, illness, and allergic reactions, many moms have a tough time letting their children grow up. However, sending your kids on a summer getaway is a perfect way to increase their confidence, encourage independence, and teach valuable life skills. Here are a few tricks to make their time away from home easier and more carefree.   read more

  • 4 Reasons to Use Kids Clothing Labels


    Clothing is a costly item among households, particularly given children are rapidly growing and their stylistic preferences are prone to fluctuation. Additionally, the clothing they do have often becomes soiled or torn amid the constant rough play that children routinely engage in. Labeling your child's clothing with washer and dryer safe labels can help to reduce the stress and money involved in shopping and maintaining clothes. Here are just a few of the reasons labels can benefit you and your children.   read more

  • 5 Steps to Making the First Day of School Less Stressful


    After a summer of fun and relaxation, preparing to return to school can seem particularly stressful for children and parents alike. There are so many small details to account for, many moms skip over some important tasks and end up sending their children to school underprepared. By planning out everything in advance, you can ensure your children's first day back runs seamlessly, which will reduce their anxiety and make for a successful start to the new school year.   read more

  • School Labels Help With Planning Ahead for Back to School


    There is a lot that goes into planning for the summer school year, with parents spending on average $634.78 each year on school supplies. This number is likely inflated due to the number of possessions kids often lose while at school. Children become so focused on schoolwork that many have difficulty keeping track of their supplies simultaneously.   read more

  • Avoid Confusion & Minimize Losses: Label Your Kids' Camp Gear


    Summer camp provides parents with a much-needed break, while providing their children with an enriching and educational summer excursion. Preparing for camp, however, entails ample preparation to ensure the children have a safe and enjoyable summer away.   read more

  • Food Allergies? Dishwasher Safe Labels Can Help


    Food allergies are a major concern today, with a surprising percentage of all people being affected. Food allergies range in intensity, from minor rashes and shortness of breath, to cardiac arrest and, in rare cases, death. It's important to keep your family safe from food allergies by minimizing their risk of exposure.   read more

  • 5 Summer-Camp Packing Tips for Kids


    Summer is here. The days are getting longer, the weather is beautiful, and the kids are officially out of school. Finding fun, interesting, and educational activities for children to participate in is important. Luckily, there are tons of summer camp programs from which to choose.  read more

  • What's On Your To Do List This Summer?


    With summer already upon us, the children are anxiously awaiting the ring of the final bell, signaling their three months of freedom and exploration. For moms, summer break is an exciting time as well, as it provides more opportunities to spend time with the children, take a much-needed vacation, and relax beneath the hot summer sun.   read more

  • Nursery School and Day Care: Planning Makes It Easy


    For parents considering sending their children to nursery school or daycare, there is a lot that goes into ensuring it is a success. Many parents are riddled with worries regarding their children's daycare experience, and they have a tendency to dwell on everything that could possibly go wrong.  read more

  • 3 Ways to Make Mom & Her Campers Happy


    With summer rapidly emerging, moms are hurriedly cleaning the home, tackling their summer shopping list, and planning for their children's summer camp adventures. Summer camp is a great way for children to spend their summer learning and exploring, while remaining active and engaged throughout the season.  read more

  • Top Reasons Modern Parents Say Summer Camp Is a Good Idea


    Given the hectic lives of modern-day parents, summer camp can seem like a well-deserved release. But don't feel guilty shipping the kiddos to camp this summer. Summer camp is as enriching for children as it is restorative for parents. It gives children the opportunity to remain active, ignite their adventurous spirit, and make lasting friendships.   read more

  • 7 Tricks to Ensure Your Kids Don't Become Couch Potatoes This Summer


    While technology has revolutionized education systems worldwide, it has also paved the way to laziness and poor social skills among youth. Many parents fear their children are too dependent on technology and aren't getting the exercise and socialization they need. Studies indicate that children are more sedentary now than at any point in history, and this can cause a number of health and psychological problems if it persists. This summer, motivate your children to surrender the remote control in pursuit of more enriching and productive hobbies.   read more

  • 5 Ways to Make Summer Fun and Educational


    With summer just around the corner, children are eagerly awaiting the release from school when they can finally escape the confines of the classroom and play outdoors with their friends. In addition to providing a needed energy release, playtime can also serve as a vital learning opportunity where children can enhance their understanding of the world at large. There are a variety of fun ways to subtly integrate education into your child's favorite activities, so they can prepare for the coming school year while having fun with friends.   read more

  • 5 Ways to Teach Your Child About Organization


    The ability to organize situations, tasks, or environments is a life skill that will benefit your child regardless of the path he or she takes in life. While some children are more naturally geared toward organizational skills, these skills require practice to become most useful and beneficial.  read more

  • Top Considerations When Getting Your Kids Ready For Summer Camp


    Summer camp is exciting for both kids and parents. It's something totally different from school, from summer vacation at home, and from the family vacation, and can help children make tremendous strides toward learning responsibility and autonomy. And face it: a quiet home for a couple of weeks can be a treat for parents.   read more

  • Kids activities: 5 ways to save money!


    Few things are more enjoyable than seeing your children learn a new skill. Extracurricular activities make for more well-rounded, sociable kids, allow them to make new friends, and help limit the amount of time they spend in front of the television.  read more

  • The Stress-Free Way to Send Your Kids to Camp


    It would be hard to find a mom who could wave her kids off to camp without any feelings of anxiety at all. After all, worrying comes naturally to a mother and is part of her nurturing instinct  read more

  • What’s The Secret of Why Camp Is So Special For Kids?


    The benefits, at least to parents, of sending kids off to camp can seem obvious, and include the chance to spend some quality time as a couple once again.  read more

  • Name Labels for Kids Are a Lifesaver for a Busy Mom


    If your kids are like mine, they are always on the go. Play dates, school, errands with me, and sports that I didn't even know existed until now.  read more

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