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Five Easy Tips for Busy Mums this Ramadan

The beautiful month of Ramadan is knocking at the door! It is a time for giving, a time for reflections... It is time to get the best of ourselves. Between preparing suhoor and iftar, doing housework, and spending time with your kids, it's not easy for a busy mum to balance all these commitments. Here, you will find simple and productive tips for Ramadan:

1. Plan Meals Beforehand

Preparing delightful Suhoor and Iftar will be much easier if you plan ahead and use a meal planner. If you're organised with your cooking, it'll save you the time for other important activities. Here's a meal planner with lots of recipes you may find helpful:) Or simply make your own planner, with your family favourite recipes! 

2. Shop for Food in Advance

Once you know what you're going to cook, shop and store your groceries before Ramadan comes. This way, instead of worrying about the ingredients, you'll have your pantry organised and all you need at hand. Two weeks prior to Ramadan, start with food that you wouldn't need to store in a fridge, like rice, flour, oil, dried fruits, etc. One week later, stock up with frozen vegetables, meat, chicken, and fish to keep in the freezer. As Ramadan is approaching, shop for dairy, cheese, eggs, fresh meats, and bread. Here, you can find the complete shopping guide with storage tips and health benefits for each ingredient.

3. Stick to Healthy Habits

To stay healthy and energetic, make sure you stick to the right habits before and during Ramadan. First things first, stay hydrated! Drink 8 glasses of water daily from iftar to suhoor. Stay away from foods that are high in salt and oil and make sure you don't eat too many sweets. These can make you thirsty too soon. Remember to exercise lightly, try some yoga or simply take a walk. Finally, try getting enough rest and sleep. For a busy mum, this one's the hardest! Take a nap whenever you can, to make up for lack of night's sleep.

4. Get your Family Involved

Ramadan activities are perfect to spend quality time with your family and get some extra help with everyday chores. Create mini-tasks where everyone can participate and help. You can create a task for cleaning up after Iftar, to encourage your little ones to help. Or ask your husband to spend some time with the children while you're busy grocery shopping. Cooking meals with your family is another great activity that brings everyone together and eases your workload a bit.

5. Schedule some 'Me' Time

As mums, we often put everyone else's needs first and forget about our own. But Ramadan should not be the time when you feel even more exhausted and stressed out. It is time for you to focus on yourself, too. Even Super Mums need some 'me' time! Ask your family for support and reserve 20-30 minutes a day for yourself. This will help you re-charge, feel relaxed and stay focused. And when mum's happy, everybody's happy!

Wishing you and your family a blessed and peaceful Ramadan!

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