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Mom + Vacation = Best thing ever:)

You hardly need scientific proof that being a mother is the hardest 24/7 job ever. But just in case, here's one! Psychologists recommend that every mum should take a 'momcation' at least once a year. Yes, they even have a word for it

So yes, Super Mum, you need to take a break this summer!

Just one weekend away is enough to recharge your mind, body and soul. And come back to your family full of life!

Here's why and how to plan your very own mom-cation

1. You deserve a break - and not to feel guilty about it

Yes, kids are on holidays now, but you’re still doing mum things. Making dinner, grocery shopping, packing things for camp, doing laundry — there’s always something. Imagine not having to think about all these for a few days. If that sounds like a dream, it's time to start planning your break:

Do you want to go solo or with your friends?
Do you want to go out of town or do a staycation weekend?

What ever it is you're missing the most, go for it. Here's a nice momcation video to inspire you:

2. Kids will miss you - and it's a good thing!

If you have someone reliable who can stay with the kids, take that blessing and run with it. I was fortunate to leave the twins with my husband, which was perfect.

Kids don’t always recognize how much you do for them. Giving them a chance to miss you is a good way to develop the important virtues of gratitude and appreciation.

3. Remembering what YOU love (and how it was before the kids)

Of course, being a mum is a huge part of who you are. But it’s not all of you.

As one mum said, "I was a very adventurous, independent person before having my kids and I feel I need that kind of time to remind me that I'm still me, just with three babies". Just for that short vacation, make yourself a priority:

"What do I feel like doing?"
"Shall I go to the movies? Grab dinner with a friend?"

4. Getting Some Sleep

Enough said!

5. Having fun with your best friends or mom squad

Experts say we need connections outside of our family and mother-child bonds. Basically, spending some time away with your friends gives you the energy you need. And it feels so refreshing to just share and talk about your issues with other mums, and feel you are not alone in this!

6. Your family and husband will understand how much you do and appreciate you more

There are so many things mums do that are taken for granted. I'm not saying our husbands and kids don't know our worth. But sometimes, it just becomes routine.

When I came back, my husband said several times, “I didn’t realize how much it takes.” And this is a man who is already appreciative of what I do! But scheduling, organizing, and such aren’t as clear for everyone to see. So having you away for a few days helps your family understand it better.

7. Coming back home is the sweetest!

This is what I loved most, hugs and kisses from my family when I was back. We realized how much we missed each other! Being greeted by your family is pure joy.

And you come back recharged and full of energy! It's awesome to step in with a fresh perspective, more patient and relaxed.

Have you ever taken a Momcation? What are your thoughts on this? No guilt for taking a break, Super Mum. If you feel like you need it, it will be good for you and your family, too.

Be kind to yourself!

Stephanie Hanna
Creator of Essmak Labels

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