Personalised Stylish Labels & Items for Kids

Value Packs

Personalized name labels value packs - More Labels for Less

Our value label packs are great value for when your child starts school or kindergarten, or even sets off for camp, and you find yourself with a large number of items to label. As with all Essmak products our bumper packs can be personalized so that your labels put a name on everything.

Lunch Value Packs - Preschool Ages

65 USD

The Bees Are Buzzing...

Lunch Value Packs - Primary Ages

65 USD

Graffitti Artist Boy...

Backpack Value Pack - Preschool Ages

65 USD

Happily Ever After Brown Hair...

Backpack Value Packs - Primary Ages

65 USD

Wimbledon Blonde Hair...


Starter Pack

34 USD


This pack of 74 labels lets you label all your school belongings and uniforms. Washable, durable and...


Nursery Time Pack

40 USD


This pack includes 113 labels to help keep your little ones clothes and materials safe in nursery. W...


Back to School Pack

48 USD


Back to school time will be more relaxed for you with these 148 diverse labels for all your child's ...


Happy Camper Pack

45 USD


These 125 diverse labels will make for happy campers and see all their belonging return home with th...


Clever Closet Pack

18 USD


Our clever closet pack includes 54 iron on and shoe labels to help keep your clothes organised. Wash...