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School Large Labels

Peel, stick and go. It is this easy to make your school and nursery items truly yours. Washable, durable and fun and no more lost items.

Large Labels

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Supersize me

Essmak’s large name labels are the versatile and stylish solution to keeping track of all your kids’ belongings. From school supplies to sports equipment and more, Essmak helps you put a name on it.

Tough love

Our large name labels are designed to be very durable, and they'll resist the harsh treatment to which your kids subject them.They are also dishwasher, microwave, freezer and sterilizer proof.

Safety First

Your child’s safety is of paramount importance. Always check that any name labels are safely and full adhered before giving them to small children.

3-month guarantee

During this time if you find your product to be faulty, we will replace or repair it at our discretion.

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Step by step guide
  • Always make sure you will be applying your custom round label to a smooth, clean, flat, dry surface.

  • Remove the label from its backing, apply and rub firmly to activate the adhesive.

  • Once in place, apply pressure over the entire label, especially the edges.

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