Shoe Labels

Shoe Labels

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Feet first

No more lost shoes! Our shoe labels can be used on all types of footwear, from baby shoes to boots, and from flip flops to slippers, ballet shoes and more. Thanks to the protective, transparent film, these labels are made for the toughest resistance to wear and tear from rubbing and perspiration.

Safety First

Your child’s safety is of paramount importance. Always check that any name labels are safely and full adhered before giving them to small children.

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Step by step guide
  • Always make sure you will be applying your custom round label to a smooth, clean, flat, dry surface.

  • Remove the label from its backing, apply and rub firmly to activate the adhesive.

  • Once in place, apply pressure over the entire label, especially the edges.

Washing Guide
  • Allow two days for the adhesive to fully bond before placing the item in a microwave, dishwasher, or sterilizer.

  • When placing in a dishwasher, always select the top shelf and avoid high temperature settings.

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