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21 Cool Gift Ideas For Christmas

Finding the coolest gifts and best toys for Christmas can be quite a task. We’ve compiled this list that will make that task a bit easier this year!


Nintendo Amiibo

Nintendo Amiibo are cool-looking figurines that store a players profile so they can play against a number of opponents and still keep all of their data intact. Great for the Nintendo fan in your life, and a sure hit for a gamer.



Giant Microbes

Give the gift of fun AND education with these fatally adorable stuffed animals. Cute and soft, kids will never know that they are really learning during play time! A fantastic kids gift idea for anyone who is interested in the medical field.

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Zoomer Dino

One of the gifts that might catch you off guard this holiday is the Zoomer Dino which obeys your commands until you make him angry, at which point he’ll turn on you and remember his dinosaur instincts. When that happens run for it!




Star Wars Interactive R2-D2

This R2 not only understands some of the things you say, but interacts with you in a number of ways, making it a highly coveted toy among Star Wars enthusiasts. One of the most beloved characters is brought to life here.




Make Your Own Monster Puppet

What could be more fun than creating your very own puppet? Creating one that looks like a monster! Watch your child’s eyes light up and creativity topple out when they get their hands on these mesmerizing do-it-yourself puppet delights!




Meccano MeccaNoid

This is just part of the robot plan to take over the world, first they infiltrate our children and learn to mimic all of their actions. Next thing you know it’s all Terminator and I, Robot scenes. But seriously this bot is a lot of fun to program and play with.




Root Vue Farm

Teach your child how things grow and encourage them to eat smart with this fun and educational gift. They will be delighted to see what they did with their own two hands!




Sifteo Game Cubes

These portable cubes will allow for hours of fun for your child. Each cube is its own computer that interacts with each other. They are not like anything you have ever seen and your child will glow when they see what an awesome gift you found for them this Holiday season!




LEGO Mindstorms NXT

This gift takes LEGO to a whole new level! Your child will love the traditional LEGO look mixed with the micro software that allows them to build actual working robots! Great for the science lover in your family!



Star Theater Pro

Stargazing is taken to a whole new level with this amazing gadget that projects a realistic solar system onto any darkened surface in your home. Your kids will love the amazing effects and you will enjoy star gazing right along with them. Great for spending quality family time with an educational twist!




Crayon Maker

Don’t waste your money on buying new crayons to replace the broken bits of the old ones! Instead, use this crayon maker to replace the old ones and create a plethora of new and amazing colors that your child will love coloring with! Fun for adults too!




Construction Plate & Utensils

Your kids will love cleaning their plates with the unique eatery that simulates a cool construction site! Forget the old adage about not playing with your food! This gift encourages imagination at the dinner table!





Thousands of stories in each box allow your child to really use their imagination and hone their reading skills! Simply pick a card and begin a story! Perfect for early readers and those who simply enjoy a good story!




Cubebot Puzzle

Let your child build a robot out of durable wooden blocks that fit together to make the perfect play toy! They can pose them in several ways and use their imagination to create new robot forms!


Melissa & Doug Suspend

This is a challenging game for your kids to play on their own or with you! Increase their balance ability with this fun and exciting game that is easy to learn and provides hours of fun!




Wobble Deck

For an exciting balance game look no further! With three levels of play the game becomes more challenging as it goes on and is perfect for outdoor and indoor fun for all ages!




Symphony in B

Introduce your child to the classics at an early age with this melodic music toy. Includes 13 different instruments for them to experiment with so that they can develop a love for many types of sounds while they are still young and open to different music.




Crazy Forts

Children love to build forts and now they can do so without pulling out all of their blankets! These forts are easy to connect and fun to play in. Watch their imaginations go wild with this awesome holiday gift!





Build the coolest fort ever with this unique and exciting gift! Your child can construct their own fort in a design that is their own with this fun holiday gift! Comes in different colors for a great cognitive experience!


Marble Run Super Set

Your kids can now build their own marble runs anywhere in your home! Easy to construct and exciting to set loose! Watch the marbles race around the self-made track and imagine it is you! Fun for all ages!




Grow n’ Glow Terrarium

As a child, science can be a very fun thing to experience but it can also be very messy. This terrarium combines the best of both worlds; the entire project is sealed within a plastic jar. The glow-in-the-dark stickers that are included will make them able to watch their little garden kit grow and glow all day long!




ESSMAK Santa Sack


Make Christmas morning extra special for your kids with our beautiful, personalised and reusable Santa Sack. 








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